Friday, March 8, 2013


Multi-dimensional Being is not about ignorance OR enlightenment. To say it is either limits the indiscriminate free flow of consciousness. Multi-Dimensional Being means living life in awareness of ALL that you are.

To be conscious that for each human being there exists a TRIDENTITY of:

- a) what you appear to be
- b) what you think you are
- c) the formless anonymous Self

That in this manifested life, you are a BODY, an INDIVIDUAL MIND and ENLIGHTENED AWARENESS. You are ALL these.

To know that you can utilise any, each and every part of these elements as required in your daily life is a stepping stone for humanity. This is your prerogative,this is your ability, this is your nature. Own it, embrace it and accept its potential.

As a Multi-Dimensional Being there is no need to permanently identify with any of these interchangable parts. They are simply parts of the physical, mental and universality of BEING.

As fully integrated human beings we are able to identify with the ME of the BODY-MIND persona AND the ME-lessness of PURE CONSCIOUSNESS. There is no need to be one OR the other, for they are both accessible.

You can know yourself as fallible, imperfect, ignorant, intelligent and self-realised. For there is access to all this through the diversity and wonder of consciousness.
That's the good news.

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