Friday, March 8, 2013


In growing numbers, people are beginning to sit up and take notice that the way we live our lives is not sustainable. That life on Earth is neither what it should or could be. This realisation has been in some ways inspired by the speed and availability of information, but also from the growing recognition that self-orientated materiality cannot provide humanity with the wholeness intuitively known to exist. People want to change not only because of this sensing of something better, but because it is in our genes and our hearts to survive. For deep inside we know that we must take steps to alter the way we live, or the human race, this beautiful world, and the planet itself as we know it will one day be no more. Human beings hold both the greatest power and the greatest responsibility as guardians of this beautiful Earth.

This growing sense of urgency requires a more efficient way of thinking which is better able to implement the necessary changes in ourselves, society and the world; changes which will secure long term life on Earth. If we are still and truly listen, the intelligence of Life will provide the way out of this self-inflicted devastation which has emerged from our own primitive ignorance.

The ongoing development and expansion of a holistic consciousness on Earth - or what could be called the Holistic Mind is the beginning of establishing human identity as a rounded combination of Matter, Mind and Spirit. Not one or two, but all three. Not simply a spiritual philosophy but a practical way of enabling conscious participation in evolution – with the potential to change worldview consciousness. This is another stepping stone in the journey of the human race – expanding our train of thought from self-limited versions of consciousness to realize the entirety of our multi-dimensional being.

The Holistic Mind heralds a changing world, because this evolving ‘hybrid’ consciousness appreciates and recognizes old thoughts and systems, while at the same time retaining the ability to transcend them, thus revealing new ways of thinking.

Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of science and spirituality, the multi-dimensional human will be able to blend the two, experiencing and existing in the world of duality while at the same time sensing reality to be non-dual.

The Holistic Mind of Multi-Dimensional Being can be said to be made up of four parts;

1. The individual sense of individual being or ‘Me-ness’ which corresponds to personal identity.
2. Collective sense of being or ‘We-ness’ – social or group identity.
3. Universal sense of being or ‘This-ness’ – cosmic or universal ‘identity’.
4. Integrated sense of being or ‘Whole-ness’ – consciousness which merges all aspects of ‘identity’.

From this liberated floating consciousness, new perceptions, values and practices are spontaneously created, evolved from the integration of previous thought. This leads to a manifested forward thinking holistic view of knowledge – meaning that any new thought is a composite of all other past and present thoughts. The Holistic Mind recognises that without the evolution of past understandings, present and future realisations could not be. Within this Holistic Mind, human identity is not lost or compromised, but expanded into Wholeness.

This ‘new’ way of thinking has the ability to deal with the increasing spiral of world crises, potentially leading the world into a bright, positive future. The other alternative is continuing catastrophe and the return to some elementary form of life on Earth. So the very real immediate choice faced by the human race in the 21st century remains one of evolution or extinction. It remains our choice whether to remain ignorantly dumb in the face of spiralling chaos OR to consciously evolve.

What the Holistic Mind produces is not necessarily an egoless or enlightened state of consciousness, but a rounded frequency of thought compiled from the conscious direct knowledge of the human Mind Body Spirit existence. If humans were purely non-physical beings, then there would be no need to have bodies. In our present earthly form we are an amalgamation, a coming together, a holistic fusion of Being. We are Body and Spirit, finite and infinite, dual and non-dual. This is our predicament – for at this point in our evolution, we are only half way home.

Seeing no barriers in race, gender, social status, sexual preference or belief, a transcending consciousness is realised. Thoughts and ideas remain individual, but not final, not limited, not restricted – for they contribute to an ever expanding whole. Picture a basket rather than a locked box.

If humanity is to survive and evolve, then a gradual implementation of such holistic thinking will need to appear on all levels of human life. From politics, economics, the arts, science, health and welfare, religion, ecology, education and others. Fundamental changes will be needed in order to meet worldwide requirements, allowing the manifestation of the sharing, caring and loving nature of humanity rather than reverting to the old patterns of ego and separation.

LOVE is able to be put into action through the physical being of mankind, for love in global action is revealed by the arrival of the Holistic Mind. Not egoless and not ego, the consciousness conscious of all roles, all parts.

This newly evolving humanoid (who we shall call New Man or Homo Novus) is already inside you, just waiting to be revealed – and should life on Earth continue, whatever it requires to manifest and survive will naturally occur because it is the evolution of life towards recognizing its REAL DIVINE Nature. Today the people of the world are growing tired of argument, seeing the paradox of war, recognizing the illogical reality of poverty and famine, the needless loss of life in the world, the ongoing escalation of chaos, the inability for materiality to fill human desires and needs, the deterioration of the planet and it’s repercussions for future generations. That's why the worldview consciousness has acquired the necessary momentum for change.

The thought that in 2010 there are more than 1 billion people in the world without access to clean water is a completely mad situation. Statistically, in the near future, demand for food and water will outstrip supply. Escalating problems with energy sources, climate change and increasing disasters point towards the possible devastation coming to the whole of life on Earth should we not develop the courage to consciously evolve. Any future recovery starts within each of us, here and now – and not through judgement, manipulation or criticism of others.

If we are to consciously evolve, then our essential nature must be more efficiently interpreted through the human mind. The truth behind any theory, concept or belief may be measured by its ability to eventually unify, for that is the underlying principle for LIFE. Unifying, sharing, connecting, blending, cooperating, adapting towards a higher form of understanding – these are all prerequisites for a new world. Not just an opinion but a varied consensus of thought arrived at through the participation and recognition of all ‘parts’. The ‘mission’ or purpose of the Holistic Mind is to contribute further to deepening levels of consciousness, to reveal the incredible positive changes arrived at through living a holistic life within a holarchical framework; to show ourselves to be translations of increasingly divine frequencies.

An ignorant mind does little to question, whereas a healthy, inquisitive mind seeks answers to questions. The Holistic Mind also recognizes that life is essentially an inspired mystery. Homo Novus will have the ability to enjoy, laugh, question while at the same time being conscious of the mystery, thus living a multi-frequency, multi-dimensional life.

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